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Best Hearing Evaluation

Better hearing does not just happen. Every patient is unique and every solution at Blue Ribbon Hearing & Tinnitus Center is custom. Solving hearing and communication problems is a process and requires the best data and information possible. An accurate hearing test is key to ensuring the best solution is implemented. A problem can be solved more accurately when more variables are known. A simple tone test can tell you if you have diminished hearing, but it is just one component of finding the proper solution for you.

At Blue RIbbon Hearing & Tinnitus Center you will receive a complete evaluation including screenings for red flags, tone testing, speech testing, and speech-in-noise testing. Your evaulation begins with a questionaire, continues with a real time video of your ear canal, possible ear wax removal, and concludes with a comprehensive audiometric evaluation. The discovery of certain conditions and information are indicitave of other health problems and could require referral to a specialist, such as an otolaryngologist, also known as an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, or ENT.

Best Education

Prior to making a recommendation, your provider will give you a detailed explanation of your specific hearing issues and possible solutions.  You are encouraged to ask questions and explain you thoughts and feelings regarding your hearing. Too often in the healthcare world the answer from the practicioner is “because I said so.” At Blue Ribbon Hearing & Tinnitus Center, you will receive a detailed explanation of the auditory system, your specific hearing loss, and what can be done to help. Understanding the what and why of hearing loss, and the consequences of different choices related to your hearing loss, make all the difference in finding a successful, long-term solution for an individual’s hearing loss.

Best Solutions

Hearing aids come in more sizes, shapes, technologies, and qualities than ever before. Truly knowing which device is best for which problems takes years of practice. Differences in hearing loss severity, auditory processing abilities, duration of untreated hearing loss, ear canal shape and size, all factor in to which solution is truly best for each individual patient. Blue Ribbon Hearing provides every style of daily wear hearing aid to accomodate nearly every lifestyle and hearing loss.

Some styles of hearing aids are designed, or can be modified for, any type of hearing loss. Some styles and solutions are only appropriate for very specific types of hearing loss. With advanced training in taking ultra-deep earmold impressions and specialized equipment for modifying custom hearing aids, Blue Ribbon Hearing is the best choice for custom hearing aids.

Blue Ribbon Hearing does not provide services for cochlear implants or any other surgically implanted device.

With over a decade of experience in the hearing aid industry; a background in communications, science, psychology and technology; and an insatiable appetite to learn new information and educate others, John Wilson is your champion for your best hearing.

John Wilson

Owner, Hearing Aid Provider, Blue Ribbon Hearing &Tinnitus Center